Important Rules...
1 - For the safety of all dogs visiting CRCG's clinic, CRCG requires all our canine visitors to be vaccinated or titered for rabies and Da2ppcpv. We also recommend bordatella (kennel cough).
2 - You are responsible for your dog and its behavior while in the clinic, including your dog's interaction with other dogs. Please attend to your dogs at all times: There is no doggy life guard so this is especially important while your dog is in the rec pool.
3 - All dogs MUST BE ON LEASH while in the clinic but outside the gated pool area.
4 - The pool is available on a first-come-first-serve basis during normal hours of operation and we generally try to keep the limit to no more than 5 dogs at a time in the pool (although this depends on age, size, maturity, experience in pool).
5 - Children must be under parental control at all times and may not get into the pool with a dog.
6 - CRCG personnel will ask overly aggressive dogs and/or owners to either take a time-out or to leave the premises.
7 - No food or drinks in the pool area.
More Rules...

8 - Incontinent dogs are not permitted in CRCG's pools for health reasons.
9 - NO RUNNING BY HUMANS on deck or around pools.
10 - Please feed your dog several hours before swimming or after swimming. It is very important that you either walk your dog and/or take him/her out to our back area prior to entering the pool.
11 - You must take your dog out to the "restroom" before entering the pool, and every 10 - 15 minutes while swimming. Repeated droppings in the pool may result in a pool ban for your dog.
12 - If your dog is cranky or has a lot of doggy personality, please ask for assistance from a CRCG representative.
13 - Do not enter the gated pool area without permission from clinic staff.
14 - You must sign-in before swimming your dog.

You are totally and completely responsible for the care, conduct and actions of your dog in the clinic.