Puppy Swim and Play
TD_PPS3.jpg For Puppies 8 weeks - 12 months old - Friendly small adult dogs less than 15 pounds also invited!

First Friday of Every Month, Next Session in Broomfield is: September 11th at 7:15pm 

Careful exposure to new things, new experiences, new people, and other dogs is one of the most important things you can do for a young dog.  Play is an essential part of helping a puppy grow into a confident adult.

•  This class will expose your puppy to water and start the process of learning to swim.

•  Your puppy will have the chance to walk over and play on Playground and Total Dog equipment.

•  Register in advance as the class is limited to 12 puppies and we fill up quickly!  

•  2 humans per puppy, no children under 12.

•  Puppies must be vaccinated.  Please bring your vaccination documentation with you.
To sign up: call 720-612-0438 or carrie@dog-swim.com.