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Balance. Body. Bonding.  These 3 elements are important for overall canine health and fitness. Dogs need good balance in order to develop good skills.  Both good balance and good skills help to grow a strong bond between a dog and person.  The TOTAL DOG Fitness classes focus on these elements by: teaching foundation through advanced training skills, developing balance using FitPAWS equipment, and by helping people understand how dogs view their environment. Combined, these build a great bond between dogs and their people.     
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  Stretches: single paw lifts, head turns, elbow pulls, rear/ab lifts

  Equipment: balance disks, K9 bones, heel blocks

  Building Blocks: targeting, attention, wait, okay, come front

  Performance: wait, sit, come, stay



  Stretches: diagonal paw lifts, bows, hock pulls, fold to stand 

  Equipment: balance disks, K9 bones, heel blocks, wobble boards

  Building Blocks: targeting rear paws, finding heel from all sides

  Performance: heel, down 


 paw lifts - single and diagonal, crawl 

  Equipment: cavaletties, bending poles

  Building Blocks: go, working from a distance

  Performance: change of pace, lengthening/shortening of stride 


  Patterns: left to right search pattern, down and back search pattern

  Equipment: buckets, boxes, PVC scent tubes, buried hides

  Building Blocks: starting a search, recognizing your dog's alert,     rewarding the find

  Performance: food finds, target odor finds


  Stretches: single paw lifts, whole body handling, body awareness exercises

  Equipment: balance disks, pvc frames, cones, heel blocks, lattice

  Building Blocks: attention, wait

  Performance: wait, sit, down, come 


 Meet Carrie BowlusCarriebowlus.jpeg

I have been working with people and their dogs supporting the human-animal bond since 1996.  I’ve shared my life with dogs a lot longer.

The field of dog training has grown tremendously over the years.  Advancing from a reliance on force or pain as a method of compelling dogs, to striving for a clear understanding of the canine brain and how dogs learn. 

I have a BS in Education and an AS in Veterinary Technology — during which I focused on animal behavior and handling.  I hold a CPDT-KA, Certified Professional Dog Trainer—Knowledge Assessed Certificate.  Over the years I have had many wonderful opportunities to learn from seasoned professionals in the dog world.  I have continued to read, attend lectures and seminars both in person and through on-line classes.  I have worked with numerous rescues, breeders, veterinarians and other dog trainers.

Like most dog trainers I have shared my life with many dogs, my own, foster dogs and countless client dogs.  I have learned something from each.