February 2013



Ah, February, the month of love.  We are full of love this month, what with it being Valentine's Day and all...but we are full to overflowing because it's our anniversary, too!  Or is it a birthday?  Either way, CRCG opened its doors on February 2, 2005!

We can't believe it's been 8 years.  We've grown and changed in those 8 years, we've learned lessons and some of them the hard way.  We've loved and lost, as all pet owners do at one point or another.

We thank you for letting us be a part of your lives, and we're really honored to be a part of yours.  We continue to strive to make each day better and to provide the best care that we can for you and your pet(s).

And here's to 8+ more years, we wouldn't be here without you!



Reese, a 5-year old Skye terrier, underwent surgery for vertebral disc extrusion at the thoracolumbar junction. Post operatively, she was unable to stand, had feeling to her hind limbs but only a little motion. A rehabilitation protocol was instituted that included acupuncture, range of motion, scratching and tapping to stimulate nerve input to the spinal cord, working on transitions from down to sit and sit to stand, as well as placing Reese in a standing position and asking her to hold in that position with assistance. Hydrotherapy in the endless pool was initiated to help with improved awareness and feeling in the hind limbs, and to encourage motion without weight bearing. Over time, Reese became stronger and motor movement to her hind limbs improved. Gradually, her exercises progressed to improve coordination, strengthening and gait retraining. During this time, Reese began working with cavaletti poles, peanut ball exercises, and land exercises for hind limb and core strength, and she also began walking in the underwater treadmill. All of these helped her to begin walking with minimal to no assistance. Now, Reese is going on walks, where she uses a cart to help her balance, she plays in the snow and continues to gain strength, coordination and balance. She comes for therapy once weekly to help maintain and encourage continued improvement.




Cassie Clusman went to the University of Colorado and received a Bachelors of Science in Advertising with a minor in Technology, Arts & Media.  She has had a love of animals since a very young age, and has always worked with dogs in one way or another.  She loves the Colorado outdoors and enjoys hiking, rock climbing, target archery, West African Dance, fiddle, and traveling the world.  She hopes to be able to use her studies in a way that she can help the ones she's most passionate about: our 4-legged friends. As a new employee, she is excited to be working at CRCG and with others who also have a passion for dogs.


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Thank you for your support and your swimming!

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