November 2012


Holiday Schedule

Can you believe the holidays are already upon us?  We are looking forward to food, family and the warmth of the holiday season and we hope you are, too. 

CRCG's holiday hours will be as follows:


Wednesday, November 21 - regular hours
Thursday, November 22 (Thanksgiving) - closed
Friday, November 23 - regular hours


Monday, December 24 - closed
Tuesday, December 25 (Christmas Day) - closed
Wednesday, December 26 - regular hours
Monday, December 31 - regular hours


Tuesday, January 1 (New Year's Day) - closed





Rehabilitation and the "C" word

Kristyn Richardson, DVM, CCRT

It has happened. Your dear companion has been diagnosed with cancer. Now what? For a lot of patients with cancer - human and furry alike - surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments may be recommended. The question is: How can I keep them going during this difficult time?

In human literature, it has been found that mild to moderate physical rehabilitation is beneficial during recovery and treatments for neoplasia. By moving, a person can experience improved motion and strength, increased quality of life, decreased pain and fatigue, and improved lymphatic flow. Even if movement is just walking around the kitchen or the yard, it is stimulating the body and can have prolific dividends.

So that brings the question of whether this is possible with my furry companion. At this time, there are studies underway to determine that very thing.  But if you think about it, why wouldn’t it help? Moving is a way to allow your companion to engage and actively be a family participant. Rehabilitation can help keep a member of the family going, whether it is a walk around the block, or around the yard.  Through a controlled and focused rehabilitation program, animals can stay as functional as possible during treatment and allow them to thrive on the road to recovery.

Take Sammy for example. A 10-year-old Lab, he had a past history of progressive arthritis as he got older, and has had issues with his rear limbs. He presented to us for pain management and strengthening, which was successful. During one of his appointments, a swelling was noted on the rear limb that was painful. Further investigation revealed a tumor in his hind limb and lungs. At that time, recommendations for handling his neoplasia were discussed, and the owners chose not to treat. We continued his therapy, but decreased his exercise to stretches, walks, and gentle weight bearing and strengthening exercises. Modalities and manual therapy were used for pain management and to maintain muscle flexibility. So far, he has been doing well and though the mass on his limb has gotten bigger, Sammy is still a happy dog with a good quality of life.

Sammy is one of many dogs that have benefited from massage, exercise, and pain management when faced with a progressive and invasive foe. Others can reap the benefits of remaining mobile as well, with an appropriate rehabilitation program.

CRCG offers veterinary acupuncture, chiropractic and rehabilitation. Rehabilitation includes hydrotherapy, massage and exercise plans. We are happy to work with you to define a plan that works for you and your furry friend to make this challenging time a little easier.

November Special

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Holiday gift idea: Unconditional Love cards


Looking for a gift for the dog lover in your life?  We are pleased to carry Unconditional Love Cards.  The cards are inspired by our canine companions and are designed to inspire you to live life to the fullest.

The deck of 35 3.5” x 5” cards will fit perfectly into a stocking! 

Unconditional Love Cards are available at our Englewood and Broomfield locations and retail for $17.95.

And, as always, CRCG t-shirts and gift cards make great gifts.  Gift cards are available in any denomination and are sure to put a smile on the recipient's face (both human and canine).  Don't have time to come in.....give us a call and we can mail the gift card to you.



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CRCG Puppy Pad


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