Whole Dog Challenge: Day 4

May 20th, 2014 by Cassie


wdc_day4-2DN: Continue to incorporate fresh food into your dog’s food. You can do the same you did yesterday, or try something new.

PPN: Put lemon in your water today to help your body detox and make drinking water more enjoyable.

E: Go on a 15-20 minute walk with your furry friend

H: Dental Health Day! Brush your dog’s teeth, OR give him/her a raw bone



Around 70% of dogs and cats in the US show signs of periodontal disease by the age of three.  Poor dental health is associated with a decrease in your pet’s life expectancy.

Caring for your pet’s dental health can be an easy part of your daily routine with the right supplements and treats.  No brushing required!  Try a supplement like Dentatreat on your pet’s food, or a water additive like Tropiclean to your dog’s water bowl. Both help prevent plaque and tarter.  You  can also give your dog tendons and raw bones to chew–they will work to remove plaque as well.

Why are Raw Bones so great for your dog’s dental health?

There are two key forces at work- enzymatic and mechanic!  The enzymes in raw bones help break down plaque by creating an acidic environment in your dog’s mouth and stomach.  Secondly, raw bones are a long-lasting and enticing chew.  When your dog is chewing and gnawing, the bone acts as a dental scaler to help remove the plaque from the teeth. (The bonus of raw bones is that they keep your dog occupied for a long time!)

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