Whole Dog Challenge: Day 3

May 19th, 2014 by Cassie


wdc_teaDN: Incorporate some fresh food into your dog’s diet. This could be eggs, yogurt, pumpkin, canned tuna, salmon skin, etc.

PPN: Try to replace your cup of coffee or soda with a glass of green tea

E: Play hide & seek with your dog, OR practice sit & stay

H: Choose the last option: Trim your dog’s nails, Clean his/her ears, or brush him/her





wdc_nailtrimDo your dog’s nails go clickity-clack on the kitchen floor?  Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed to the right length is important for 2 main reasons.

-Long nails may become brittle, splinter and break-off.  Broken nails are painful, will bleed, and may become infected

-Long nails prevent dogs from putting their feet flat on ground. This can interfere with their gait, and cause pain, arthritis, and instability

Nails should not touch the ground when your dog is standing, and they shouldn’t click on the floor.

The Quick

     -The quick is the blood and nerve supply to the nail- if cut, the quick will bleed profusely.

     -When trimming the nail, cut the nail down to just above where the quick begins.  If your dog has long quicks, regular trimming of the nail will help the quick to recede.

     -If you’re nervous about cutting through the quick, cut thin slices of the nail until the end of the quick is seen (dark grey/black shiny spot in middle of dark nails, or pink spot in light-colored nails).

      -If you cut the quick, apply pressure to the end of the nail and use styptic powder to stop the bleeding (baking powder can be used in place of styptic powder)

Many dogs don’t enjoy having their nails done, so remember to make this an upbeat experience!  Use a cheery-tone and offer your dog a lot of praise while trimming her nails.  You may want to enlist a friend to help hold your dog still or offer distractions while you take care of the nails.  A Kong stuffed with peanut butter is the perfect distraction for our dogs!

If you are uncomfortable cutting your dogs nails, take your dog to a groomer or your vet’s office.  These professionals have lots of practice with all kinds of dogs and should be able to make the experience quick and stress-free for your pup!


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