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Friday Funny 11.28.14

Friday, November 28th, 2014

Happy Friday Funny! Hope you’re having this much fun with your furry family during the holiday!


Happy Thanksgiving! Why are you thankful for your dog?

Monday, November 24th, 2014

MeandbooIt seems natural as Thanksgiving rolls around to think about the things we’re thankful for. I try to think about how thankful I am for my dogs, my friends, and my wonderful family as often as possible, but especially during this time of year. When I think about dogs…mine, my family’s, my friends, our CRCG clients’, and the dogs I see walking with their families down the street, I get such a big smile. Dogs are such beautiful creatures. They are so happy and loving (each in their own unique way). They appreciate life so openly and receive joy from the seemingly smallest of things. Whether lying in the sun with a smile and tongue out, or whining with excitement as they get to the pool doors (or on the drive there). They live with such joy. One of the reasons I’m so thankful for them is because of this–this constant reminder to appreciate life and the small things that make us happy, like your morning coffee, or the sunrise as you drive to work. If we let these small but precious things give us a smile each time, imagine how much more we would smile! I am so thankful for dogs.

My dog is a little goofball. A special little goofball. She leaps around the yard like a deer, pouncing like she’ll uncover something exciting with each landing, only to boing-boing-boing all the way across the yard again. She snorts like a pig when there is anything possibly interesting to smell. She loves chasing waves. And by chasing, I mean with her mouth open, back and forth as it crashes (no matter how small). She brings a smile to my face more often than many other things I can think of. And smiling feels like such a healthy activity. I am so thankful for her. She brings me more joy than I could ever ask for and I don’t know what I’d do without her. I am one lucky lady!

smilingbooBut wait, the luck continues! Working at CRCG, I get to witness families who receive just as much joy from their furry family members as I do. And vice versa. Having the chance to see this bond and mutual love warms my heart. How lucky we all are to have such special creatures in our lives. And how lucky I am to witness this daily and have these wonderful people in my life…I am so thankful for all of our dog-loving clients!

So go kiss your dog and thank them for all the joy they bring you!