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Sammy – Geriatric Case Summary

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

geriatricthumbSammy, a 9-year-old MC Great Pyrenees, was presented to the Canine Rehab and Conditioning Group in August 2014 approximately 6 weeks after slipping and falling on the stairs. Radiographs revealed severe osteoarthritis in bilateral hips, affecting the right side worse than the left. Rimadyl had initially helped him feel better, but it was clear to his owners that he was becoming more uncomfortable and less mobile. At his first appointment, Sammy was bright, alert, and responsive, with a body condition score of 8/9. He had a very wide-based, plantigrade stance in his hindlimbs. Observation of his gait revealed significant weakness in his hindlimbs with grade 2-3/5 lameness bilaterally. Sammy had severely decreased extension in both hips, worse on the right (left hip extension: 125°, right hip extension: 102°, normal: 160-165°). For the first 2 months, we treated Sammy weekly with cold laser, massage, and walks in the underwater treadmill. He was only able to go 3-4 minutes at first in the treadmill, but after 8 weeks, he was up to 8 minutes. We re-evaluated him at 8 weeks and, due to significant improvement, we decided to decrease the frequency of his appointments from weekly to twice-monthly. He continued to improve thanks to rehab appointments and home exercises to focus on strengthening his hindlimbs and core muscles. For the first time in months, Sammy climbed the stairs at home without assistance just before Christmas. His hip extension has improved, as well: both have increased to approximately 140°. He continues to visit twice monthly to maintain his improved state and continue strengthening his hindlimbs and core muscles.