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Whole Dog Challenge: Day 5

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014


wdc_bathDN: Continue to incorporate fresh food into your dog’s food. You can do the same you did yesterday, or try something new!

PPN: Put lemon in your water today to help your body detox and make drinking water more enjoyable.

E: Play fetch!

H: Give your dog a bath! (Wednesdays are $2 off dog washes at Whole Pets!)


“Bath time!”  Are these dreaded words at your house? Bath time can be a stressful or unpleasant situation for many dogs. Here are few steps to make bathing go as quick and easy as possible:

-Brush your dog before the bath: This will help get the loose hairs out before bathing. Hair that is matted can hold excess water, so try to get all mats out before the bath.
-Talk to your dog in a reassuring and calm voice: If you are stressed your dog will most likely be able to tell and become more stressed themselves. Speaking to your dog to let them know that everything is okay can help keep them calm and relaxed.
-Use warm water: Dog’s can have more sensitive skin than us and can be burned more easily. If it is hot out and you have a larger dog, using even cooler water might be the best option so that they don’t overheat.
-Use dog shampoo: Shampoo that is meant for dogs will be gentler on their skin and less drying
-Rinse well: You don’t want to leave any leftover soap/shampoo on your dog’s skin, this can cause irritation, so make sure to rinse out all shampoo before ending your bath!
-Reward!!: Once the bath is over, give a high value treat, or abundant praise. Your dog made it through bath time, yay!


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