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Fletcher’s Busy Week

Monday, August 18th, 2014

Fletcher has had a big couple of weeks. Last Wednesday he had surgery for a dying tooth and removal of the large benign lipoma on his right side. Thank you to Apex Dog and Cat Dentistry and Veterinary Surgical Services (VSS) at Veterinary Referral Services of Colorado (VRCC). They went the extra mile to make sure he was comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

lipomaThis is a picture of the lipoma before removal. We felt that as he continued to lose weight it would become a problem so since he had to have the tooth worked on, it was best to get both done while he was under anesthesia.





perfectpatientJust waking up from the procedure. He was the perfect patient. It is so hard to watch a loved one go through something like this. It’s also frustrating because they can’t tell you how they feel. Since we don’t know him all that well yet, we don’t know how he handles pain. Not to mention that he has been through a lot of changes in the last few months and we didn’t want to confuse him by putting him through this experience. However, the tooth situation could not be ignored and it would be worse if we did nothing. There is no perfect time so better sooner than later.



watermelonWe were a little concerned that he wasn’t drinking enough water so we thought enjoying some watermelon might help. The t-shirt is not a fashion statement. Just a deterrent for a little interest in licking the incision.





PEMFTaking a break from the shirt for a PEMF treatment. PEMF therapy, although having the word “magnetic” in the name, does not use an actual magnet, but creates a magnetic field by running electricity through a circle made of a conductive metal. The pulse, or drop and surge in frequency, creates an electro-magnetic field, and causes a small amount of electricity to flow through all of the tissues penetrated by the field.  PEMF fields directly affect cellular chemistry, causing a cascade of healing effects.


fatThat was one large lipoma. I am sure removing it helped the total weight loss to date….He weighed in at 111 lbs (from 125) on Friday.

That is a lot of fat!





toothbefore toothafter

Look at that beautiful tooth! Dr. Beebe performed a root canal. It might be a little hard to see in these pictures – the tooth before is pink and the after result is white.

Looking good Fletchie! He is a very good patient and well on the road to recovery. Fletcher handled the procedures with aplomb! He has done so well with every new situation he has encountered. We are proud of him and thank our lucky stars every day that he came into our lives.

Exercise, Fun & Love

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

fletchsnugglingWhere do I start? This guy has wormed his way into our hearts. Each day we learn a little more about him and are always wanting to know more. That is what makes the relationship with a dog or any animal so special. They are always giving.

As we continue to work on his weight loss he is definitely showing physical signs of the loss. He is currently at 117. That is an 8 pound loss in 6 weeks! His skin is looser, his collar is now on the second notch and as you can see from the below top down view he is starting to trim a little. We continue to do a lot of walking the neighborhood. We take one to two 30 minute walks a day and at least two 20 minute walks. He eats twice daily and gets a few treats. The other activity that has played a large role in his program is swimming. He has been swimming at least 4x a week for up to 30 minutes each time.

The pace of the weight loss has slowed a bit and we know we have to be patient. His body is adjusting to a new food, a new lifestyle and activity level. We will continue with the same process as long as he continues to lose at this healthy pace.

The other project we are working on with him is the anxiety of being left home. Our month is almost up of not leaving him and it has proven to be very productive. Not only is he a trooper with going everywhere and being patient but he now is fine with us walking out to the garage without him and he even stays in the office without barking immediately when I walk away. The door is open but this is still progress.

One thing that made me very happy this week….he picked up a toy for me to throw and after fetching it he raced around in circles. A happy dance.  Now we know he is happy in his new home and he can look forward to more happiness.

Top view pictures of him .. week 1, week 5 and 6.5 weeks


Week 1


Week 5


Week 6.5