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Whole Dog Challenge: Day 7

Friday, May 23rd, 2014


wdc_brushDN: Hydration is important for dogs, just like it is for us. If you feed your dog kibble, try soaking the kibble in water before feeding. OR make chicken broth ice cubes.

PPN: Make sure you drink at least 60 oz. of water today. And mix it up! Try a new water infusion flavor.

E: Start teaching a new trick OR work on an old trick

H: Choose from: Trim your dog’s nails, Clean his/her ears, or brush him/her


Everyone sheds! Dogs with hair (poodles, bischons, etc.) shed infrequently, while dogs with thick double coats or short guard hairs can shed A LOT.  (Labs, shepherds, corgis, the list goes on!)  Finding dog hair on everything you own can be irritating, but that’s not the only reason to incorporate brushing your dog into your normal routine.

1) Prevent mats, itchy skin and hotspots.  Make sure to brush your dog’s coat all the way down to the skin.  Mats often form when loose hairs get trapped near the skin.  When moisture and allergens get caught in those mats, the skin can become inflamed and infected.  Ouch!

2) Reduce Allergens. Regular brushing helps to remove dust and pollen that might be caught in your dog’s coat.  If you, your dog, or members of your household are prone to environmental allergies, taking the time to brush your dog can help reduce the allergens in your home.

3) Know your dog’s body. Your dog’s coat may be hiding something.  Regular brushing might reveal anything from scrapes and cuts to irregular growths and cysts.  While brushing your dog, keep an eye out for anything unusual on your dogs skin and ask your vet if you find anything concerning.

Remember to make brushing a fun and rewarding experience for your dog!  Some dogs will love the attention they receive from being groomed, but others may feel uneasy or uncomfortable.  For dogs in the second category, counter-conditioning, treats and praise can go a long way!

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