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Whole Dog Challenge: Day 10, LAST DAY!!

Monday, May 26th, 2014

DAY 10 – LAST DAY!WDC_congrats

CONGRATULATIONS!! You’ve made it through the 10 day challenge! As this is your last day of the challenge, and a free choice day, we want you to choose your favorites from all the activities and make today a fun and congratulatory day! However you chose to do this challenge, whether you took out some things, added others, or adjusted it to fit your lifestyle, we are SO PROUD OF YOU! Taking the time to think about your health and your dog’s health is something important to be aware of, and something that we could all use support for at times.  We hope you and your dog enjoyed your journey with us. 

Dog Nutrition Pet Parent Nutrition Exercise Hygiene
Add fresh foods Eat more fresh foods Go to the dog park Brush teeth
Add fish oil Add lemon to water Go on a walk Brush
Give a supplement Drink green tea Go on a hike Clip nails
Make healthy treats Take a supplement Go on a jog Bath
Make ice cubes Try a healthy snack Try something new! Give a raw bone
Drink lots of water! Go for a swim Wash collars/leashes
Work on a trick Wash bedding
Play fetch Wash bowls
Play hide & seek Clean ears
Give a puzzle toy

If this is something you’re interested in doing again, or if you have any questions for the future, please don’t hesitate to contact us ( Dogs and health are what we are passionate about!

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