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Whole Dog Challenge: Day 1

Saturday, May 17th, 2014

Welcome to Day 1 of the WDC!

We hope you and your dog have a wonderful start to the week!


wdcday1_booDN: Read your dog’s food label and look for any ingredients/words that don’t look familiar to you. Look up your brand of food on the Dog Food Advisor. For more information on dog foods: check out this article.

PPN: For today, make a list of foods you eat today and divide it into processed and fresh foods.

E: Go on a 10 minute walk with your dog today (or more if it’s feeling good for both of you!)

H: Choose from: Trim your dog’s nails, Clean his/her ears, or brush him/her





Although going on a walk might seem like a trivial thing to do, or you may even find it boring, going on walks might be something that can really help both you and your dog. Walks give you a chance to clear your mind, take some time to spend with you furry companion, and give you both time to bond, even if you don’t realize it at first. For your dog, going on a walk can be a wonderful form of physical exercise, and all the new smells and information she’s taking in will also give her some mental exercise. Mental exercise can be just as important as physical exercise for our furry friends. The more often you can go on walks, even if they are just 10 minutes each time, you might find yourself enjoying them as much as your dog does. Whatever bad feelings you have towards walks, give them a chance this week. Do whatever you can to make them a good experience for both of you this week and you might find that you actually start looking forward to them!

For those of you with dogs that don’t walk well on leash (and that’s why you don’t go), consider looking into a training collar. Training collars/harnesses can help your dog walk better on leash, and make walks a more pleasant experience for both of you. Here are a few links for training collar options:

Gentle LeaderHalti, Sense-ation Harness

Here is a good link to give you information on the different types of training collars, and their pros and cons.


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