Update on Fletch 7.8.14

July 8th, 2014 by Lori Beuerle

fletch_treatUPDATE ON FLETCH

Our boy is making great progress on his weight loss journey.  He weighed in at 115 pounds on Thursday which is a 10 pound loss since he joined us on May 10th!  He is feeling great and enjoying his 2-3 walks a day and his 4-5 swims a week.  His endurance is building and we are up to 30 minute swims. We adjust the time depending on the other activities that are planned for the day.  In the next week he will be going in for some dental work and the removal of a large lipoma behind his front right leg.  We wouldn’t normally worry about it but the size could cause some issues as he continues to lose weight.

Fletcher is also getting a thorough rehabilitation evaluation done this week.  We have noticed that when he swims and starts to get tired his left rear end is lower in the water.  We want to determine the cause of the weakness and start an exercise plan to help with this weakness.  At 8 years old we want to be proactive.  Letting something like this go can cause other issues from compensation for the weakness.  Stay tuned for the results of the evaluation and the plan.

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