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Meet Noah

Friday, January 16th, 2015

NoahMeet-01Noah is a 9 year old retriever mix who was brought in to see us because of such severe arthritis in his one of his carpi (wrists) that he was completely non-weight-bearing in that limb (he was holding it up when he walked).  He needed to be on two pain medications and was still uncomfortable in that wrist.  We started with gentle manual therapy to help increase the production and flow of joint fluid which lubricates the joint and improves its health and comfort.  We used laser therapy to decrease pain and inflammation, massage for his significant muscle tightness (which was secondary to his joint pain), and ended with cryotherapy (ice) to further decrease inflammation in the wrist.  We helped his owner with an exercise restriction plan and guided her through a safe and gradual return to more activity as he started feeling better.  One week after his first visit, he was bearing weight on that leg again.  We started exercising him in our underwater treadmill which allowed him to walk with less stress on his joints because the buoyancy of the water helped to support his body weight.  We also started strengthening exercises because a stronger leg means more stable joints.  Each week that followed, his limping lessened until it was completely gone 1 month later.  He’s now back to walking 2 miles a day, is comfortable, and off all pain medications.

Meet Bogey!

Sunday, January 4th, 2015

Bogeymeet-01Bogey is a young, energetic, active dog who partially tore his ACL in his knee.  He originally came to us with a mild lameness that had improved with rest, but recurred every time his owners tried to allow more activity.  We started his rehab sessions with therapeutic laser and cryotherapy to decrease pain and inflammation in his knee.  After a 2 week period of strict rest and exercise restriction, his lameness resolved and we guided his owners through a more gradual return to his normal activity.  He started walking in our underwater treadmill which provides more strengthening for his muscles since he has to walk through the resistance of the water, but less work for his joints because the buoyancy of the water helps to support his body weight.  We started strengthening exercises for his hind legs, back, and abdominal muscles to help prevent a recurrence of his injury.  Months later, Bogey is still doing great, has not had anymore episodes of lameness, and is stronger than ever.  He even starts wagging his tail when the car approaches CRCG now!

Lucille’s Success Story

Friday, July 11th, 2014

LucillesSuccessStory_coverLUCILLE’S SUCCESS STORY

Lucille, an 8 year old pit bull mix, first came to see us in October of 2013. She had fallen out of a 2nd story window while her owners were out of town and was diagnosed with a Carpal Medial Collateral Ligament tear. She was not bearing weight on her right front leg and would vocalize when in pain. She received laser therapy treatment to help with the pain and to decrease inflammation around the affected joint. Lucille’s treatment plan also included walking in the underwater treadmill, range of motion exercises and working on carpal stabilizer muscles. Lucille’s family has since moved, but they contacted us and let us know that she is doing well, running around and playing with her siblings.  These videos show Lucille is a happy dog! We love happy success stories! Yay Lucille!

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Ellie’s Success Story

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014



IMG_0302 IMG_2725

Ellie, a 13.5 year-old FS English Cocker Spaniel, was a champion hunting dog who lived in a hunt club kennel in Longmont.  She retired after an accident in 2009 and shortly after was adopted by her new dad.  Ellie has rear limb weakness and dragging that her RDVM diagnosed as mild hip dysplasia. When she was diagnosed, Ellie’s dad started swimming every other week.  They were eventually referred to us, where we found compensatory pain in her paraspinal muscles as well as restrictions in her neck range of motion.  The first couple of weeks with us was spent focused on manual treatment and laser therapy to address her pain. Shortly after we started hydrotherapy, clinic exercises, as well as an at home program.  We’ve been seeing Ellie since May, 2014 and we have seen a significant improvement in her muscle pain as well as an increase in her strength and stamina. Dad has also seen significant improvement in her strength and discovered that one of the best reasons to come weekly is for the mental stimulation it provides for her as well. Ellie is a super sweet, albeit opinionated, girl–but that’s one of the reasons why we love her.

Yukon’s Success Story

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014





Yukon, an 11-year-old husky, first came to CRCG in July of 2013 for elbow and shoulder osteoarthritis and hind limb weakness.  During his visits, he enjoys walking in the underwater treadmill, has laser therapy to decrease pain in his spine and hips, and targets strengthening his core and rear limbs through in-clinic exercises. Yukon’s 5-year-old energetic younger brother, Bandit, likes to join in on the treadmill next to him for conditioning and moral support.

Both Yukon and Bandit love their Saturday excursions to CRCG and are pleasantly tired after their appointments. Today, Yukon has strength and energy when running around at home on his family’s property. Yukon, you are an all-star!! And Bandit, you rock too!







In Loving Memory Of Kona

Friday, March 14th, 2014
understand dm, degenerative myelopathy
understand dm, degenerative myelopathy
We were lucky enough to first meet Kona back in 2012. Her vet diagnosed her with Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) so she started visiting us to swim and receive laser and massage therapy.  Kona loved her swimming! And we sure loved seeing her. She was a happy face and a lively warm soul that brightened up everyone’s day when she walked through our door.  Although there was a time when Kona could no longer walk well on dry land, she was still able to move in the water and could swim well. Kona’s wonderful family would take her to a lake house every summer. She loved these trips and would spend the majority of her days there enjoying the water. It was such a pleasure to be a part of your life Kona, your beautiful soul will continue to live on and your strength to inspire others. You will be remembered, dear Kona.
“Dogs may not be our whole lives, 
but they make our lives whole”