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Meet Noah

Friday, January 16th, 2015

NoahMeet-01Noah is a 9 year old retriever mix who was brought in to see us because of such severe arthritis in his one of his carpi (wrists) that he was completely non-weight-bearing in that limb (he was holding it up when he walked).  He needed to be on two pain medications and was still uncomfortable in that wrist.  We started with gentle manual therapy to help increase the production and flow of joint fluid which lubricates the joint and improves its health and comfort.  We used laser therapy to decrease pain and inflammation, massage for his significant muscle tightness (which was secondary to his joint pain), and ended with cryotherapy (ice) to further decrease inflammation in the wrist.  We helped his owner with an exercise restriction plan and guided her through a safe and gradual return to more activity as he started feeling better.  One week after his first visit, he was bearing weight on that leg again.  We started exercising him in our underwater treadmill which allowed him to walk with less stress on his joints because the buoyancy of the water helped to support his body weight.  We also started strengthening exercises because a stronger leg means more stable joints.  Each week that followed, his limping lessened until it was completely gone 1 month later.  He’s now back to walking 2 miles a day, is comfortable, and off all pain medications.

Happy New Years!

Thursday, January 1st, 2015

Happy 2015! Here’s to making life-improving New Year’s resolutions.


National Peanut Butter Lovers Month!

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Celebrating National Peanut Butter Lovers Month with some of our most favorite peanut butter lovers!


Boo & Franklin…


…giving new meaning to ‘peanut butter lovers’

Webster loves his peanut butter!

Lulu enjoys her treadmill time with a side of peanut butter


Never too old to be a peanut butter lover!


Brock loves his peanut butter too


Bono is a speedy peanut butter eater

Happy Thanksgiving! Why are you thankful for your dog?

Monday, November 24th, 2014

MeandbooIt seems natural as Thanksgiving rolls around to think about the things we’re thankful for. I try to think about how thankful I am for my dogs, my friends, and my wonderful family as often as possible, but especially during this time of year. When I think about dogs…mine, my family’s, my friends, our CRCG clients’, and the dogs I see walking with their families down the street, I get such a big smile. Dogs are such beautiful creatures. They are so happy and loving (each in their own unique way). They appreciate life so openly and receive joy from the seemingly smallest of things. Whether lying in the sun with a smile and tongue out, or whining with excitement as they get to the pool doors (or on the drive there). They live with such joy. One of the reasons I’m so thankful for them is because of this–this constant reminder to appreciate life and the small things that make us happy, like your morning coffee, or the sunrise as you drive to work. If we let these small but precious things give us a smile each time, imagine how much more we would smile! I am so thankful for dogs.

My dog is a little goofball. A special little goofball. She leaps around the yard like a deer, pouncing like she’ll uncover something exciting with each landing, only to boing-boing-boing all the way across the yard again. She snorts like a pig when there is anything possibly interesting to smell. She loves chasing waves. And by chasing, I mean with her mouth open, back and forth as it crashes (no matter how small). She brings a smile to my face more often than many other things I can think of. And smiling feels like such a healthy activity. I am so thankful for her. She brings me more joy than I could ever ask for and I don’t know what I’d do without her. I am one lucky lady!

smilingbooBut wait, the luck continues! Working at CRCG, I get to witness families who receive just as much joy from their furry family members as I do. And vice versa. Having the chance to see this bond and mutual love warms my heart. How lucky we all are to have such special creatures in our lives. And how lucky I am to witness this daily and have these wonderful people in my life…I am so thankful for all of our dog-loving clients!

So go kiss your dog and thank them for all the joy they bring you!


5 Simple Ways to Show Your Pet You Love Them

Monday, April 14th, 2014


In honor of National Pet Month, here’s to remembering to honor your pet!

5 Simple Ways to Show Your Pet You Love Them

1. Your Presence is the Best Present:  Spend quality time with your dog every day.  This could mean going on a quick walk in the morning before work, playing ball in the yard, practicing a new trick, or just relaxing on the couch while watching a movie.  Whatever you and your dog enjoy doing together, make sure you set aside time every day to spend with your dog.  Like the quote says: “Your dog may not be your whole world, but to your dog, YOU are his whole world.”  Make your dog feel like they are your whole world as often as possible.  This will truly show your dog your love.


2. A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog:  Give your dog the gift of exercise. Exercise can come in a variety packages.  Figure out which ones your dog enjoys and keep it different: variety is the spice of life!

  • Play fetch in the backyard
  • Go on a walk (even better, go with a friend!)
  • Play tug
  • Go out for a jog
  • Go on a hike
  • Make a trip to the dog park
  • Go for a car ride
  • Make a trip to a pet store
  • Play tug in the house
  • Play hide and seek (hide tennis balls or a high value toy in different places in the house.  Run around with your dog and help them find/get them)
  • Learn a new trick (mental exercises can be just as good as physical exercise!)
  • Go for a swim at your local lake/pool
  • Give puzzle toys (for times when you can’t spend as much time with them as you’d like)
  • Try a new sport or activity with your dog (there are beginning classes for agility, dockdogs, flyball, frisbee and more!)
  • Take a weekly obedience class


3. Compliments Can Go a Long Way:  Reward your dog when she does something good.  Even if it’s something small or seemingly insignificant, saying “good dog” when your dog lays down next to you, or is quiet even though she could bark, these are good times to praise your dog.  If she gets something good every time she does something good, she will be good a lot more often! Praising your dog for doing the ‘right’ things will encourage her to want to be good, and this helps create a happy, (and bonus!) well-behaved dog.


4. Communicate:  Talk to your Dog.  As in all types of relationships, communication is key.  Your dog loves to hear your voice. Even if he may not seem like he is listening, dogs listen.  And he’s not going to tell you to be quiet, give you attitude, or judge your decisions.  So talk to him! Tell him how your day was, what difficulties you faced, what exciting things happened, ask how his day was, tell him how much you appreciate him, and tell him you love him. Every day. Along with making your dog happy, you might just find it was one of the best things you can do for yourself also. Sometimes we just need a quiet loved one to listen.


5. A Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog:  Show your dog your love by making healthy treats, feeding them food with natural and healthy ingredients, and giving them a proper amount of exercise.  As tempting as it is to give treats to that adorable face every time you’re given the puppy-eyes, keep in mind that treats should count towards your dogs daily food intake.  Managing weight is extremely important in keeping your dog healthy. Overweight dogs are more prone to heart disease, arthritis, hip dysplasia and many other health ailments as they get older.


  • Check your dog’s food label for the ingredients list, if you don’t recognize ingredients or there are ‘byproducts,’ consider going to your local natural pet store and talking to them about healthy foods.
  • Give treats less often (replace with pets and praise)
  • Make/give healthy treats (sweet potato chews, carrots)
  • Ask your vet at your next check-up how their weight is, and be active about getting/keeping them at a healthy weight
  • Give them some sort of exercise every day (even if you don’t like exercising, help them to stay healthy and in shape)


Welcome To Our Blog

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

Welcome to our blog!

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