Pool Sanitization System - We recommend and offer the CL Free Water System. Keep your whole family safe and healthy with CL Free.  The CL Free water system is environmentally responsible technology.  CL Free water systems provide safe, healthy and enjoyable water for you and your family.  These systems are available for home and pool use. More Info >> Pool System  >>Home System
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Variable Current Rehabilitation and Conditioning Pool 

We offer the best animal rehabilitation pool on the market.  We have perfected the design based on the high volume use in our clinics. We manufacture here and Colorado and will ship to your location.  It is affordable, high quality, ergonomic, easy to use and designed specifically for dog and cat rehabilitation hydrotherapy.  Install in your pet business, doggie day care, veterinary hospital or at your home.  This pool comes fully equipped and ready to install for only $11,995 plus and shipping.  More Info>>  VIdeo of pool in action >>

Variable Current Hydrotherapy Pool - CRCG EP400 

CRCGEP400front.jpg  CRCGEP400Top.jpg
                     Front of pool  - two rows of variable jets                        Pool dimensions - 4 ft W / 8 ft L / 4.5 ft D
                   No underground plumbing - easy set-up
                          Example of hoist set-up