Hydrotherapy Pool

The unique design of the hydrotherapy pool features water jets that are directed to provide the dog with a flow of water to swim against. The water pressure can be varied from a gentle current for rehabilitative swimming to a powerful current for strenuous exercise. About hydrotherapy >>

This pool is available for your clinic, day care, home.  It is manufactured in Colorado and can be shipped to your location.  
About pool design >>   Order your pool today/ask a question >> See the pool in action

pf_ep2_lab.gifFrequency: Varies depending on the dog's endurance. The general goal is 30 minutes of sustained swimming or walking. Once a week is usually effective, twice a week more beneficial.


Benefits: Decreased joint stress, strengthening, neurological retraining, pf_ep3_seb.gifcardiovascular health, positive psychological effects.

All rehabilitation activities are under the supervision of a licensed, human physical therapist or veterinarian that has received individualized instruction in physical rehabilitation of small animal patients (for example, from Canine Rehabilitation Institute or the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine).

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