Club F.E.T.C.H vs. Non-Membership 

Q: How does a Club F.E.T.C.H Membership compare to a non-membership? 


  No Membership  Club F.E.T.C.H 

Splash Memberships

(Recreational Swim) 

 Open Swim Membership  $15/swim  Unlimited swims as low as $45/month
 Reserved Swim Membership  $45/ 30 minutes $30/ 30 minutes
 Products  No Discount 10% Discount 
 Classes   No Discount   10% Discount


Unlimited Swim 

Q: What does "unlimited swim" mean? Can I come as many times as I want in a day and stay as long as I want?

A: Unlimited swim means that you can come swimming as many times in a month as you and your dog would like.  The requirements set on unlimited swim are purely for the health and safety of your dog(s) and they are as follows:


  • Each dog may only swim once per day
  • Each dog may only swim for a maxium of an hour per visit


These limitations were set to make sure that every dog that swims with us does not over-do-it.  One of the main reasons we started this membership program for Open Swim, was to allow you to feel as though you could come for only 20 minutes and were still getting your moneys worth out of it. Most (even healthy) dogs do not need to swim for an hour.  Please watch for signs of your dog telling you he/she is tired.  Even dogs who could 'swim all day' need to be told when to stop.  We ask that you help your dog to understand this.


Injured Dog  

Q: What if my dog injures itself in the middle of the membership and is not able to swim, do I have to cancel my membership and pay the cancellation fee?

A: If your dog incures an injury and cannot swim, it may be recommended that you see a therapist for rehabilitation.  If you choose to see a CRCG rehabilitation therapist, your monthly membership fee will be added to your account as a credit and can be used towards rehab treatments. If you chose not to do therapy, you can put a hold on your membership for a service fee of $8/month. For the term of the injury, the original membership term will not be reduced by the term of the hold. Once reinstated, the membership will continue for the remaining months on the full term.


Geriatric Dog 

Q: What if my dog starts to become geriatric, and although she still enjoys swimming, open swim is not the place for her to do so? What are my options?

A: As dogs become geriatric, they can continue to swim in the recreational pool if they are still able to get up and down the ramp.  However, it is safest for them to swim during reserved pool time to eliminate the risk of other dogs running into them/pushing them off the ramp etc.  You may adjust your membership to the Reserved Pool Membership of the same duration. In this situation, we urge you to keep a close eye on your dog's condition, and if things worsen, please let us know and talk to us about the benefits of rehabilitation.

If your dog is un able to get up and down the ramp, or you just don't think it's best for her, you can always switch to rehab.  In this case, we would continue out the duration of your membership by adding your monthly fee as a credit on your account to be used towards rehab treatments. 


Join Mid-Month

Q: What if I sign up mid-month, am I charged for the whole month?

A: If you join Club FETCH mid-month, your first month will be prorated on the day you join. Each month following will be charged the full monthly membership fee on the 1st of each month.


Reserved Pool & Open Swim

Q: What if I use both Reserved Pool Time and Open Swim? Is there a membership for both?

A: If you purchase an Open Swim Membership, you will be eligible for the 120 minute $1/min Reserved Pool package without purchasing a Reserved Pool Time Membership.


10 Swim Punch Card

Q: I still have punches leftover on my 10 swim punch card. Can I continue to use them after January 2nd, 2014?

A: Yes, you can still use punches from your pass until 6/1/14.  Leftover punches will expire on 6/1/14.  After that day, you can join Club FETCH for unlimited swims per month, or you can continue to do drop-in open swims.


Busy Pool

Q: What happens if the pool is too busy and my dog won't swim or we can't go in?

A: Unfortunately, this is the nature of open swim time, we never know when the pool will be full. There may be occassional times where you will be asked to wait until others are done swimming. This is rare, but can happen during drop-in open swim.