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Supplements can be added to premium foods to provide the building blocks your dog may need. Glucosamine is well known for helping with joint pain. Omega 3 fatty acids can enhance your dog’s coat, but also decrease inflammation and take away free radicals. More information on the use of fish oil for your pet.  Antioxidants protect cells against damage and are recommended in any case of inflammation, i.e. allergies or arthritis.

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Standard Process - Standard Process supplements are made from whole food ingredients your pet would instinctively eat.  These ingredients deliver the full spectrum of nutrition in its natural form.  All dogs and cats descend from a long line of hunters.  The key to their survival was a varied diet rich in complex nutrients - including beneficial phytonutrients in the diets of their prey.  But that is not the case today.... Most pets eat a diet that is highly processed.  Even reputable brands made from top-of-the-line ingredients can lose nutritional value on the road to becoming kibble or canned food.

Why use whole food supplements during rehabilitation?  When the body is involved in the healing process it has additional needs above and beyond every day healthy life.  So, we believe that getting this additional support during this healing process will:

* Provide the body with the building blocks needed to repair and rebuild soft tissue and bone
* Whole food supplement ingredients deliver the full spectrum of nutrition in its natural form
* Meets the patients individual needs
* Decrease in recovery time 

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We carry all of the following products in our clinics. 

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