About Chinese Herbs

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a system unto itself, dating back over 3,000 years.  This system includes acupuncture, food therapy, exercise and herbal remedies.  The idea of moving Qi (CHEE) in the body can be accomplished with acupuncture and with herbs.  Different herbs have different properties, draining heat, tonifying the body, relieving pain. 

At CRCG Holistic/Integrative Alternatives, patients are examined from a traditional perspective and also with the Chinese medical system in mind.  The examination reveals the needs of the patient and appropriate herbals can be prescribed.   

“Lucy”, an 11 year old Fox Terrier, suffered from red painful eyes.  She would paw at her eyes and was even restless in her sleep from discomfort.   The referring veterinarian had tried traditional drugs without any effect.  Lucy could not have corticosteroids due to the side effects.  A herbal combination was prescribed and within 36 hours, her eyes were symptom free, her pain gone and both Lucy and her mom got a good night’s sleep.

About Western Herbs

These herbs come from more recent times yet can still date back hundreds of years.  Plants all around us have unique properties, some have healing ability and work very well. 

A commonly know herb is Echinacea, the purple coneflower, known for its antibacterial and antiviral actions.  Western herbs can be used alone or in combinations.  Hydrangea, marshmallow, horsetail and corn silk can be used together to help treat bladder infections, relieving the burning pain and eradicating the infection.  Hoxsey formula, which contains 9 different herbal tinctures, is used for cancer treatment with good success. Herbal remedies can be very potent and effective. 

Some herbs can be toxic, so don’t assume any plant can be tasted or tried.   

Milk thistle is a lovely herb for liver detoxification and healing.  Gus, an 11 year old Bernese Mountain Dog, was feeling well except for sensitive skin over his back with some mild dryness.  Milk thistle was prescribed.  Two weeks later Gus’ mom reported he felt much better and the dryness was gone. 

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