Our expert therapists have set the standard by which others are judged. We are confident that the value that you receive from our services will far outweigh the actual cost.  You will wonder how your dog or cat ever managed without our services.

Clinical Services

Rehabilitation Evaluation: $250

Our initial rehabilitation evaluation is a 75 minute appointment with a veterinarian or physical therapist and consists of an orthopedic, neurologic, and myofascial exam. We look at the whole dog, not just the primary concern. Often when you have an injury your body compensates in other ways and may cause muscle or joint pain that's not as obvious to your regular veterinarian. When developing a plan, we look at the whole picture.  The plan will include in-clinic recommendations and home exercises.  Your dog will also receive the first treatment during this evaluation.

The evaluation will determine the plan that best serves your companion's condition.  Treatments will range from $85 - $160 depending on your dog's condition.  Package pricing and monthly rates are available based on the plan.

The treatments will include the combination of services that are prescribed in the treatment plan. These services include one or more of the following:  hydrotherapy, exercises, cold-laser, electro-stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, massage, stretching, orthotic bracing prosthetic measurements/fitting, splints, wraps, wheel chair fitting instruction, acupuncture, chiropractic, biopuncture

Discounts are available for pre-paid treatment package purchases.

We accept CareCredit flexible payment plans.

Rec Pool


Colorado's first and largest indoor, year-round dog pools.  

Reserved Swim Times - COVID Schedule
Reservations Required for all recreational swims during COVID

Monday 9a - 5p
Tuesday 9a - 7p
Wednesday 9a - 6p
Thursday 9a - 7p
Friday 9a - 5p
Saturday 8a - 4p
Sunday 9a - 5p 

Please call ahead to confirm pool availability and reservation status.  15 minutes - $22.50, 30 minutes - $45.  Cost for reserved swims with assistance from our staff: 15 minutes - $37.50, 30 minutes - $75.  (15 min minimum. for any reservation)   

Club F.E.T.C.H. membership pricing is the best deal in town.

Englewood and Broomfield Pools:
Please Note: Only healthy dogs are allowed to use the recreational pool.  All post-surgical dogs and dogs weakened by injury or old age require a physical therapist clearance prior to using the recreational pool.  If your dog falls into one of these categories, please call to schedule an initial evaluation to obtain clearance prior to using the recreational pool.