How may we be of service?

CRCG's expert rehabilitation is directed at assessing, restoring and maintaining a dog’s physical function and movement. Working with the owner, family veterinarian and often other animal healthcare professionals, a rehabilitation therapist will work with you and your animal to achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being through modalities such as hydrotherapy, exercise programs, stretching, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic and more.

The goals of therapy are to relieve pain, restore range of motion/movement, improve function, prevent injuries and expand the physical potential of the patient.

We provide licensed physical therapists, veterinarians, and certified veterinary technicians to conduct all rehabilitation treatment in hydrotherapyacupuncture , exercise, stretching, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, massage and acupressure, and ultrasound.

CRCG loosely defines recreation as all those things that an owner and/or dog does in order to make their leisure time more interesting, more enjoyable and more personally satisfying. Open swimming in our large indoor pool constitutues recreation and is for healthy dogs.  If your dog has a condition such as recent surgery, injury, lameness, chronic neurological condition or a need for daily medication we will need clearance from one of our therapists prior to access to the pool.  We strive to make this a fun and SAFE environment for everyone.

We offer the Front Range's first and largest indoor, heated pools open to the public seven days a week.