Rehabilitation Underwater Treadmill

The underwater treadmill provides graduated weight-bearing exercise in an enclosed chamber. Water is filled to depths determined by the practitioner. More body weight is supported as the level of water increases. More about hydrotherapy >>

pf_uwt.gifCRCG's treadmill is used to minimize postoperative swelling, increase muscle strength and encourage early use of the operated limb. The potential advantage in using the treadmill is that water provides buoyancy, removing the need for the recovering area to support full body weight during each step. In addition, the water provides mild resistance to motion, which should strengthen muscles over time.

pf_tm1-dach.gifFrequency: Varies depending on the dog's endurance. The general goal is 30 minutes of sustained swimming or walking. 1x a week is usually effective, 2x a week more beneficial.


Benefits: Decreased joint stress, strengthening, neurological retraining, pf_uwt_lab2.gifcardiovascular health, positive psychological effects

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